Why I Will Always Walk Into The Creek

"We really love this bridge down the road, do you think we could do some shots there?" 

This question came from the bride during a break in the clouds of a rainy wedding day. Dew soaked the grass and sparkled over the rocks as we made the trek during cocktail hour, full bridal party in accompaniment, to the woods to explore this bridge. I had never been to this venue before the wedding day, never scouted this particular spot, but saying 'no' was not an option. It seemed like it was a simple enough request. 

The bridge was beautiful, but from a photographer's perspective, I had to contain my giant gulp as I took in the surroundings. Canopied by trees, the bright afternoon sun speckled the whole bridge in contrasting areas of shadow and light. And then there was location. I literally would need to stand in the middle of the creek to photograph the couple on this bridge as requested.

But it was requested.

So I did.

In my head, there wasn't a moment's hesitation. It was "Obviously. Let's do this. Make it work." 

My heels found a new home among some moss on the river bank and I began to chart a barefoot course with my gear in hand over the rain slicked rocks to the center of the creek. I could have been fearful -- what if I slip and fall into the creek? My equipment would be ruined. I could loose a whole memory card of wedding images. I could break a bone. I could get out there and not have a good shot to even capture. All very valid points.

But I will ALWAYS walk into the creek. 

Because the client asked. 

Because I like a challenge. 

Because I want to be different. 

Because nothing great comes from being ordinary. 

Because excitement lives in risk. 

Because memories are made when you step outside the box. 

In a wedding. In a portrait session. In life. I will always walk into the creek.