Featured Brand: Women Making Waves with Sera Snyder

Last quarter, I introduced a personal project called Women Making Waves with a mission to showcase women following their passions, serving others well both locally and around the world, and doing so with ambition, joy, and authenticity. 

This quarter, I'd love to introduce you to Sera Snyder of Healing U

Sera Snyder's story is a powerful one - after being diagnosed with a rare tumor in her abdomen in her 20's, her life took a drastic turn.

But through the process of pain, seeking, recovering, and questioning, she's discovered a new mission to her life, and now uses her growing business of coaching, consulting, and retreats to take courageous women who have experienced cancer, and help them transform their lives from the inside out- mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. 

Sera is currently developing a weekend retreat of rest, recovery, focus, and community for women recovering from life altering disease. But she also regularly shows up for her community with honest, open stories, tips for living a full life, and permission to be both flawed and loved.

Through getting to know Sera, I've been touched by her heart and her passion to seek and reflect God's calling in her life and business. In her session, we wanted to capture images that would assist her in sharing some of the core messages she teaches on in her social media, including rest, reading, journaling, and healthy eating and lifestyle, in order to help her attract women to this community and connect with them deeper.

Meet Sera of Healing U

If you have ever experienced a life altering disease or struggle, or know someone who could use this missing piece of healing, I encourage you to reach out to Sera, check out her work, and learn more about her mission to transform a piece of the heath care industry. You can also listen to her speak about her work and life on recent episodes of The Grace Podcast and Naked Conversations Podcast.