Lifestyle Spring Orchard Session with The Owings Family


Spring Orchard Session with the Owings Family

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We bonded over mutual boredom in computer class our senior year of high school, then became roommates our freshman year of college at JMU and best friends throughout the entirety of our time there. Through all the ups and downs of that wild season, we somehow managed to hang on to a friendship that was rooted in being there for each other through all the big stuff - no matter what. We were there for each other during breakups and new relationships, big moves and job changes, loss and pain, wedding vows, and now, the adventure of raising kids of our own.

Needless to say, capturing my friend Liz with her growing family was an incredible joy. Their little guy, Jackson is the most adorable mix of dad/Ryan's easy-going nature and Liz's vivacious wit, topped with a head full of red, curly hair that makes your heart melt.

We met at Chiles Peach Orchard on a sunny May afternoon, just as buds on the peach trees were starting to bloom. It was hot and super bright with basically no shade to speak of, but we were still able to capture some of the sweetest little moments with their happy little charmer to celebrate his first birthday. 

The bonus of being long-time friends with these clients? Our afternoon ended by meeting up with my crew for drinks and burgers. (hint: I won't complain if any other clients propose this in the future...)

Happy birthday, Jackson!!