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Firefly is Hiring!

Working in the studio (aka first level office of my home) is a casual and comfortable atmosphere with the occasional protective bark from our Australian Shepherd, but we work hard to play hard — constantly seeking to serve our families with joy and excellence.

Applicants must be self-starters, motivated workers, and eager to learn. As a Studio Assistant, you will be involved in the daily work of a photography studio : corresponding with clients via email, scheduling appointments / sessions, fulfilling, assembling, and packaging print orders, running business errands, following up on leads, and learning studio-specific software and tasks. 

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What's in my (camera) bag

Tis the season for giving, receiving, and sharing, so for those of you looking to upgrade, invest, or just start into the world of professional photography, I wanted to share a peak into my photography gear arsenal. 


It's important to consider your specific needs, goals, and purpose for the gear you invest in, before you do the investing. When I first decided to jump into professional photography, I was intimidated by the price tag for this professional gear (mega-understatement alert), but I also knew that I was determined to be a professional so I needed to learn on pro-level gear to capture and deliver the kind of images I wanted to offer in my dream business.

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5 Websites I'm On Every Day : resources for better home/work life management

As a mom, business owner, and photographer, I wear a lot of hats. I don't say that to toot my own horn or be a martyr by any means, because I know I'm not the only one who's juggling! That's why I wanted to share a little behind the scenes insight to the methods and tools I'm using to help keep my ship running smoothly. When I was first starting out, I dug my heals in about every new tool because I was just so overwhelmed. But with the growth of my clientele and the growth of my family, the value of time, effort, and quality have a whole new perspective. At any given time, I have about 20 different clients for multiple different session types (newborn, family, long distance extended family, documentary, etc. )engaged in some point of a 30+ step workflow soooo...

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Tips for Surviving and Thriving as a First Year Photographer

People keep asking me, "how long have you been doing this?" 

And that's an odd question, one that should be simple but for me to answer, but I'm finding actually quite complicated. 

First, what is this?

Photographing? Since I was in middle school and my friends and I would stage mini photo shoots and short films as our favorite extra-curricular activity. 

Running a business as a professional photographer? Technically... about to hit the 5 year mark but I have a hard time actually legitimizing that. See, my first "year of business" was for lack of a better phrase... kind of like an idea tornado. Others might call it a sh-- show.

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How I Organize Blog Content Using Evernote

Blogging used to be something I got around to if I had extra time or if I had something particularly present on the forefront of my mind that I wanted to share. But there was no rhyme or reason, no accountability, and because of this, blogging one post (which included writing, editing, formatting, finding/taking appropriate images and formatting those, optimizing them for web, and finally publishing and sharing) also had the potential to consume a whole day's worth of work. 

Then I realized... I don't have time for that

I also love writing and I love my blog and I didn't ever want to become resentful of that work or the result.

So I created an answer.

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What Firefly and Fixer Upper Have in Common

Want to know a secret? My girl crush is Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper. #notashamed. 

I am so inspired by not only her creative eye and shabby-chic style, but also her heart for her family, playful spirit, and hustle to use her talents to serve others in a business she created from the ground up. While watching the show one evening, (my guilty pleasure whenever I get control of the remote) I started thinking about the values that Joanna and Chip project through their work and to my delight, realized they actually have a lot in common with what I aim to offer through Firefly!

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What Your Client Experience and a Warm, Chocolate Chip Cookie Have in Common

It was a weeknight after Kira had gone to bed, and while I'm typically pretty protective of evening hours for family and relaxation time, it had been a particularly busy week with an infant on nap strike, so mommy duty was taking over work time during the day. I had a few tasks that were time sensitive and needed completing asap, so I buckled down after dinner to play catch up in my office. I love my work, so it wasn't like this was a terrible imposition, but I was tired and needed some extra mojo to push me through those last evening hours.

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More than "good enough"

When I first broke out my Nikon d800 from its crisp packaging, it felt like a heavy, expensive hurricane was washing me off my feet. My husband and I talked about our dreams often, and somehow the idea of making money photographing kids and families always found its way into the conversation. I had just finished working my butt off to graduate from a one-year masters program in Secondary Education, so that was obviously my plan. I would be a teacher.

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The Great Home Studio Makeover - Part 1

I got butterflies in my stomach when I first saw this room-- on the entry level of the home, it has one giant window with incredible natural light, wall length built-ins, a traditional brick fireplace, and original hardwood floors. The previous owners used it as a playroom -- but my eyes got starry and my heart screamed "STUDIO!!!!" 

Since moving in, we've added a few touches to make the space homey and I've used it strictly as my office / the room where random things get dumped. But this year, now that Kira is born and we're settled into our living space on the upper two floors, I've set the gears in motion to make the dream of creating my home studio a reality. 

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8 Tips for Photographing A Proposal

Around this time last year, I began the very sneaky business of helping a friend/groom plan the perfect proposal. In all fairness, he planned it. I was brought in to photograph it. But in order to pull it off, we had to manage some important logistics and planning was key for the surprise element. In the process, I picked up some crucial pointers that I thought might be helpful for other photographers gearing up to capture a couple's big moment.

Given the season of love and the likelihood that there will be a few proposals taking place this weekend (wink wink), I figured this would be an ideal time to share the knowledge! 

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The value of rules and the joy of breaking them

When venturing into any new project, adventure, career shift, or life change, the excitement of starting and the intimidation of what's ahead often combine to form some crazy emotions. Especially when it comes to art, our heads have this tendency to shrink in fear at the sight of blank canvas or the sheer limitless possibilities, despite the conflicting desire of our hearts to create. And maybe it's the pressure -- real or perceived -- that initiates this complexity; the need to express, the desire to make something powerful and beautiful that comes from your soul, but the fear that if you do and you put it out there, it won't be accepted or approved. It will fall flat. People will react negatively. Or worse, not at all.

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