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Top Photographer Tips for Designing Photo Books

You're probably are like me and several thousand personal images on your phone and/or a library of double that sitting on your computer. Milestones are the big moments we tend to make a real effort for printing-

but the everyday messes, the day-trips, the holiday photos, the silly faces, they're part of your heritage, too.

It's just inevitable that this growing number becomes overwhelming and all the memories we were so intentional about capturing, never actually make it into our hands, and instead, get lost in cyberspace. 

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Featured Product: Storytelling Frame

In an effort to provide a product option that really fit the needs of my clients, I recently began offering a gorgeous collection of frames. Quality, archival frames are not just lovely decor to put on your wall, but protect the images you've invested in. 

**(Ever tried to change an image from a frame and found that it stuck to the glass, or the tape rips off part of the image/mat? yep, me too. That's because they weren't archival.) 

Along with the standard sizes for individual prints, I wanted to offer something that would allow families to display multiple images in an elegant way. This is the answer!

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The One Thing Everyone Does When They Enter A Home

You little social butterfly, you've been invited to dinner. You're going over for a playdate. You're taking some fresh-baked cookies to a new neighbor.

Whether you're in their home for 2 minutes or 2 days, I can almost guarantee there's one thing you do every time without fail within the first few seconds you enter. I know because I do it too. It's inevitable. Your eyes dart around and you always notice one thing that holds your glance. 

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