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Dear First-Time Expecting Mama

Dear First-Time Expecting Mama, 

You're weeks, maybe days away from the life-changing miracle of birth. You don't know when exactly it will happen and the anticipation is probably starting to give to you a feeling 

You’ve been given so much advice already, so I’ll make this short.

They say: 

“enjoy every second"
“it’s hard at first, but it will get better"
“don’t be afraid to ask for help"
“sleep when the baby sleeps"

It’s all great advice, but doesn’t it seem so cliche? There’s a million logistical things running through your head after all-- uncertainties, fears, questions. How will you handle the pain when the moment comes? What if something goes wrong? Will it be a boy or girl? How will you react the first time you see him/her? Will you be able to figure out the car seat/stroller/carrier/alien-spaceship aka bouncy seat? When will you be able to return to your fake career of professional coffee drinker?

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The Biggest Reason To Print Your Photos

I read an article about a year ago that really struck my interest. It was a detailed study with input and research from psychologists and childhood experts about how family pictures can actually boost your child's self-esteem. 

This, to me, is huge. 

It touches on the idea that we display our childrens' accomplishments to show them we value what they’ve done - the good grades they receive in school, the fantasies they've dreamed with their crayons - but what about showing kids you value them for just being who they are? That's where photographs become so vital.

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10 Perks of Being Pregnant

Spoiler alert: the most amazing thing about being pregnant is the incredible sensation that you are physically growing anther human life inside of you. I think every mom or mom-to-be can agree on that.

However, so much of the conversation around pregnancy revolves around the levels of ailment, discomfort, and inconvenience it brings.

Aww congratulations, you're pregnant! How sick have you been? Are you getting up like 10 times every night? Do you need a crane to stand? Don't you just want to karate punch everyone who makes eye contact?! 


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What I learned from a box of broken crayons

It was one of those days-- ya know, the kind where you just can't seem to wrap your mind around anything significant? The rain pattered on the windows and my fingers were restless on the keyboard, searching for a purpose but falling short. It was a full day of working-from-home with no outside obligations or appointments so there was plenty of time and potential for magical things to unfold-- but I was just...blah.

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Dear Spring: an open letter

Dear Spring, 

Hello my beautiful friend! 

I've been waiting for you with such anticipation and can't tell you how glad I am to see you're starting to make your way around again. You may be planning to just pop by for a short visit, but trust me, you don't want to do that. I promise it's in your best interest to take off your shoes and stay a while because if you turn around and usher [Winter][0] back here... well you've never seen me around Winter so to protect our friendship, let's just keep it that way. 

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Tips for starting your Project 365

In March of 2014, I began a Project 365 that ended up capturing one of the most transitional years of my life, and taught me to love photography in new ways.

This sort of project has become popular in recent years and I am a huge advocate. It is so incredible to look back on some aspect of life throughout a whole year as it progress through the seasons, through the highlights, the news, the changes, the holidays, even the mundane daily chores and tasks that seem so incredibly unpicturesque in the moment - something about revisiting those moments a year later breeds appreciation and gratefulness on a whole new level.

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How to be a Daddy

"Any man can be a Father, but it takes someone special to be a Daddy."

I remember this saying hanging in frame on different walls of my home as a girl. At first I didn't get it. Isn't it the same thing? But words are powerful; and as I became more aware of words, I became more aware that I definitely had a Daddy, and I was lucky for it. 

In honor of Fathers Day, I thought I'd share my own personal tid-bits from a daughters' point of view about what it takes to be Daddy. Especially for all the new dads out there, read carefully; these tips are simple but trust me, they make a world of difference. 

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