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Live workshop

The In-Between

A hands-on workshop for parents to learn basic photography skills and find joy in creatively telling family stories

You’ll learn:

+The basics of shooting in manual mode

+workflow tips to simplify and organize your photos

+How to shoot in low light, backlight, and harsh light

+How to have fun shooting without making “taking pictures” a big deal

+Techniques for sharp focus and capturing motion

+One-on-one coaching + problem-solving through your biggest struggles

The Logistics:

Where: Firefly home studio, Charlottesville VA

When: next date TBD

Time: 9am-12pm


The real deal:

Become a visual storyteller by capturing moments with meaning, despite lighting or spacial constraints.

Eliminate stress associated with shooting and replace it with fun + creativity

No more randomly firing clicks in Auto and hoping they turn out okay

See little joys and the people you love in a fresh way



The workshop will last about 3 hours and will start in my quaint home studio/office. Enjoy coffee and light, local treats while we dive in to Part 1.

Part 1: Instruction — introduction, understanding your camera, lighting basics, tips for practicing and photographing kids

Part 2: hands-on practice in and around my home, troubleshooting, composition + angles, making quick decisions

Part 3: Basic post-processing, organization, and printing tips

Part 4. FAQ’s and wrap-up!


  • free “Firefly clean edit” Lightroom preset

  • list of resources + recommendations

  • access to workshop facebook community for asking additional questions and sharing your progress with other local attendees!

  • a morning away from your normal routine, learning something new, having fun, + getting creative with a group of other adults - (I meeeean, that’s the real kicker, right?!)



Ready to join me?




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